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Preservation Tips

Tips For Selecting and
Preparing Fruits & Vegetables For Preserving

1. Fully ripened and firm
2. Free of disease and blemishes
3. Fresh, young and tender
4. Gather as much as can be handled in two to three hours. (Quality is lowered and spoilage may occur if allowed to stand.)

Equipment Needed

Water Bath Canner (Use to can high acid foods)
Pressure Canner (Use to can low acid foods)

Types of high acid foods

*Pickled vegetables

Types of low acid foods

*Most vegetables


Regular and wide-mouth Mason-type threaded, canning jars with self-sealing lids are the best choice. They are available in 1/2 pint, 1 pint, 1-1/2 pint, 1 quart, and 1/2 gallon jars and may be used for canning very acid juices. With careful use and handling, canning jars may be reused many times, requiring only new lids for each use.

If you would like to have the lid on your pressure cooker checked, you can stop by the Craighead County Extension Service at 221 West Jackson in Jonesboro, AR.

For free pamphlets concerning canning you can call:

(870) 933-4565

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