Road work on Red Wolf Boulevard to cause delays

Red Wolf Road Work
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Expect delays in the coming weeks as you drive down Red Wolf Boulevard.

Construction work begins Monday, March 21 to improve traffic flow in the area.

According to Jonesboro E-911, both inside lanes of the highway from Aggie Road to Johnson Avenue will be closed for approximately two weeks.

"Once they start tearing it up and slowing it down to maybe one lane, I'll stay off of it," Jonesboro resident Dwayne Glasco said.

Road crews will be removing a portion of the median to create a deeper turning lane for northbound traffic turning left onto Alumni Boulevard.

E-911 Director Jeff Presley said a turning lane will also be created for southbound traffic looking to turn into the same location.

Glasco told Region 8 News he feels the change will help some aspects of traffic on Red Wolf Boulevard.

"Going in the convocation center, the ball games and things like that, it'll help," Glasco said. "But shrinking the median to back up more cars? I think that'll hurt."

Glasco said he fears it may cause additional wrecks in the area.

"You got 20 some odd cars backed up and somebody's gonna get tired of being backed up and try to come out and it's gonna cause some wrecks," Glasco said.

Many other drivers who spoke with Region 8 News off camera feel the changes will help in the long run.

However, they plan to avoid that area of Red Wolf Boulevard while construction is underway.

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