A few pennies make a big difference

A few pennies make a big difference
Jonesboro Pre-K Center (Source: KAIT-TV)
Jonesboro Pre-K Center (Source: KAIT-TV)

Children in Region 8 gathered pennies and helped to change lives of sick children forever.

Students at the Jonesboro Pre-K Center recently held a penny drive for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Samantha Glover, a teacher at the center, said the children enjoy giving back to others.

“They were so excited about it,” Glover said. “We have really enjoyed teaching them how to give to others and just look forward to this opportunity each year.”

The class that raises the most money even gets a treat at the end of the drive.

“The fun thing that our kids love about this penny drive,” Glover said.  “It is co-sponsored by the Olive Garden. So, the classroom at each location that raises the most money, Olive Garden caters them a lunch at school. They bring salad, breadsticks and pasta for that classroom and they get to serve it all in their classroom and have a dinner party.”

Glover said the penny drive is not the only thing they participate in.

“We start off by doing the Make-a-Wish Foundation,” Glover said. “We participate in that in February. And then in March we always participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Penny Drive. And then in April is our big fundraiser and we participate in the St. Jude Track a Thon. So, on April 15 we will be doing another big fundraiser. And we’ve raised over $2,700 so far for that over the years.”

The Jonesboro Pre-K Center on Flint Street has 220 students and the North location has 100 students. They raised around $2,000 in the penny drive.

Glover said the students learn a lot by participating in things like this.

 “They take away the fact that they can give to others that are less fortunate,” Glover said. “They really get it. They get it through our can food drive and through giving money and different ways that they can help out.”

Students as young as two years old to five years of age attend the Pre-K Center.

“They really look forward to it,” Glover said. “They get excited about it and it makes them happy. It makes them feel better about themselves and it just gives them a chance to be a better person.”

Glover said anyone can find a way to make a difference.

“It’s easy. Just make an effort and just do it.”

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