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Students create fashion and furniture with recyclable materials

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Someone's trash can be another's treasure. That was the lesson for students at Westside High School Friday.

Environmental Science students and Family and Consumer Science students studied recyclable items and were tasked with making clothes, furniture, toys or décor out of anything that can be put in the recycle bin.

Students said they were shocked by how many items are thrown away.

“Instead of just throwing stuff away, it shows that there are second uses in everything,” eleventh grader, Hunter Jarman said.

Projects were displayed Friday in the Fine Arts Center along with an eco-friendly fashion show.

The purpose of the project was to inform others.

“These costumes are basically meant to bring awareness of the importance of recycling by bringing new ideas and ways you can reuse these materials,” tenth grader, Jesse Clayton said.

While it was fun, Jacklyn Stringer, ninth grader, said it was not easy using these certain materials.

“It took a lot of time and work, and we are not the only ones that have put our time and effort into this project,” Stringer said.

Students said it just goes to show almost anything can have a second chance at life.

Projects included dresses out of boxes, a tuxedo out of trash bags, a chair made from aluminum cans, a lampshade from straws and deer antlers made from metal and bolts.

Even the winner's trophies were designed from reusable materials including wood, CD’s, cassette tapes and records. 

Some of the furnishings will be used in the school after the presentation. 

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