Corning works to keep water out of homes

Corning working on drainage issues
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CORNING, AR (KAIT) - The city of Corning is working to fix some drainage issues that have some residents frustrated.

According to Mayor Rob Young people along North Third and Fourth streets live in the lowest area of the city.

Young said they recently added an addition to the drainage pump that will hopefully help keep the ditches clear.

Leaves and debris pile up in the ditches and block the water from draining properly.

The city added a leaf trap to the pump to easily remove the debris.

Young also said they added a tractor pump to help get water out of the ditches that quickly fill up.

Residents in the area are pleased with all the additions because they said the flooding is frustrating.

"When people come down the road when it is flooded, water just comes on in. It is just horrible, it really is. We do need help and I think the mayor is doing all he can," said Mindy Mitchell.

Mitchell said her home has flooded five times over the past few years.

She said they were nervous last week with all the predicted rain, but fortunately Corning did not get a lot.

"We had to tear all the carpet out and we got everything finished two or three weeks ago and we thought we were going to get flooded again and it is really taking a toll on my mother," Mitchell said.

She thanked the mayor and city officials who were prepared last week and brought them sandbags.

Young said they will have to wait and see if the pump improvements and tractor pump addition will work for the next big rain.

Young and several officials in Corning have been working on these improvements to keep residents safe.

"One flooded house is one too many for me," Young said.

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