Patterson City Hall Restored

March 31, 2005--posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

PATTERSON-- Over a year ago, a tornado left the small town of Patterson in shambles, but today it is restored.

Some say a peaceful stroll in this small town is what life is all about.

It's a quiet place for children to grow, and the streets are always full of familiar faces.
Mayor Charles Dallas says, "I know most of the folks and everybody pretty much takes care of their own business and helps somebody when they get in trouble."

But what happens when the whole town is in trouble; when an unexpected storm sweeps through the city leaving little behind?

"I hadn't been up close and personal to that much damage, you know, from a storm and it messed up a whole lot of things," Dallas says.
It was a tornado that stripped the town of its anchor...City Hall.
And most of the people in charge of keeping the city in shape were now without a workplace.
"Our treasurer recorder, she is also our water clerk, and she was really working in cramped quarters. I really didn't care if i had a desk or not. Our police officers and our Water Dept. All worked out of the fire station," Dallas says.
Driving through these city streets, it's hard to imagine the destruction that happened over a year ago, but residents here in Patterson say the city is looking up.
That's because today, City Hall is fully restored.
"Most of the time everybody's got there own thing they're doing. They're busy with there own lives but when a situation like that arises then they come together and pitch in and help everybody," Dallas says.
It's a unity that can't be broken, a small town that's now free from the visible signs of a tornados destruction, rising again.
"We're alive in 2005 and we're going to grow. The people in woodruff county have seen some destruction but the people are still enjoying life," Dallas says.