Scam Artists Strike Again In Region 8

March 31, 2005 -- Posted at 7:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- On Wednesday, Pete Mead woke up to a knock on his front door.

The man offered to smooth all of the rough spots in his driveway.

"He said 35 dollars. 'I said for 35 dollars go ahead and do it'", said Mead.

Pete Mead may look familiar--in his youth he was a local boxing great--always in control in the ring--but this time his fighting skills wouldn't protect him. After only 20 minutes of work, the man returned to the door and said mead owed him 525 dollars.

"He said, I said 35 dollars a gallon. He used 15 gallons--how was I supposed to know how many gallons he used," said Mead.

Being in the asphalt business himself, Mead knew the job wasn't a good one.

The driveway wasn't even repaved.

Feeling obligated, he paid the man anyway.

Mead gave him the 200 dollars he had in his checking account, and the seven dollars in his pocket.

"He saw the ring on my fingers, and said I'll take the ring too. So stupid me, I gave him the ring too--my wedding ring," said Mead.

"My brother calls me up and says dad has just been took," said Pete's son, Jim.

Jim says the money is not what's important--but the ring is priceless.

"My mom and dad was married for sixty five years. She died last spring. The wedding ring has a lot of sentiment to us. We would like to have the ring back," said Mead.