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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - UPDATE May 18: The Reclamation House officially opened after they got their certificate of occupancy from the city of Jonesboro on May 11.

They said on their Facebook page that they are going through applications on a waiting list.


The Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit of a 101-year-old building Tuesday afternoon.

The Reclamation House, located at 534 West Washington Ave., states that the home will be used as a safe-living environment for women post-rehab.

The transitional-living facility will have 24-hour staffing, including a house director and a house mom.

Though they've received numerous donations from people over the past few months, not everyone is on board with the location of the proposed facility.

"We don't have a problem with the intention of the Reclamation House," Steve Smith said. "We're not sure this is the ideal location."

The property that used to be a bed and breakfast with 13 bedrooms and 13 and a half bathrooms is already filled with furniture and food.

However, Smith said his goal is to keep it from being filled with women just out of rehab or incarceration.

"It's a historic home and they've done a yeoman's job of trying to get it up to snuff as far as rehabilitating a home, but we're talking about rehabilitating people's lives and it's serious business," Smith said. "We're concerned. It seems like a dangerous social experiment."

Smith said he's collected approximately 80 signatures both from people who live within the adjacent property and those who live in the general area.

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