Local Man Remembers Time Spent with Pope

April 1, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--Pope John Paul the Second has touched many lives, but most don't realize one Region 8 priest knows the man holding the highest position in the Catholic Church.


Father Richard, the current priest at the Holy Angel Convent lived and worked inRome for eleven years.  During this time he helped fact check documents leaving the Vatican which were signed by the Pope himself.


Father Richard says he will always remember the little time spent with the pope and recalls several stories.  One of those stories he fondly remembers recalls a time when the Pope was in desperate need of a urinal.  Unfortunately, several nuns stood between him and the restrooms, looking to discuss theology about women as ministers.  After a valiant attempt at ending the conversation, Father Richard said the Pope finally had to call his security guards to open up a pathway to the restroom.


While in Rome one of Father Richard’s jobs was as a church librarian at a convent.  Father Richard specializes in church history and proudly talked about what he feels will be the legacy of the current pope.  Father Richard said, “Of the two hundred sixty-five Popes, I feel John Paul will be remembered as one of the three or five greatest popes of all time.”