Region 8 Law Enforcement Serve More Than 40 Narcotics Warrants

April 1, 2005 – Posted at 4:49 p.m. CST

POPLAR BLUFF, MO -- It's no joke, they're after dope. That was the motto Friday morning as criminals in Region 8 got an early wake up call. Police in Poplar Bluff served more than 40 warrants in a countywide narcotics round up.

"When it comes to narcotics investigations it's a little difficult just for one agency to be able to bare either the man power or the load in order to do that," said Poplar Bluff Police Department Assistant Chief Gary Pride, "It's much more effective if you can join forces with either other jurisdictions that are around you or in a organized task force setting."

The Missouri Highway Patrol, the Butler County Sheriff's Department, the Poplar Bluff Police Department and the SEMO Drug Task Force were on the hunt for suspected drug offenders.

"The substance for those cocaine warrants were street dealers and they're notorious for not having any place they normally stay," said Pride.

And that keeps law enforcement on the go.

"In a community setting, people usually know who your police officers are," said Pride, "So we trade officers. Officers from our agency will go to another part of the state and make the buys and stuff over there and likewise, they reciprocate back to us."

Police weren't able to pick up every person on their warrants list, but they were able to get some new leads. Including busting folks for illegal prescription drugs and finished methamphetamine.

"The most common street drug that we're presently dealing with is probably a mix between street rock cocaine and methamphetamine," said Pride.

And a warning to criminals...police officials say it's just a matter of time.

"Even though they may not get arrested in the first few hours of this operation, officers will continue to work throughout the night and the rest of the week," said Pride.

Friday's bust was a profitable one for Butler County authorities. They were also able to find additional contacts on warrants and busted a working Meth lab.