Students give back to the homeless through learning

Students give back to the homeless through learning
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(Source: KAIT)
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Success Achievement Academy are giving back to the community while learning.

Before spring break, the students started a project to build a small home for a homeless person in Northeast Arkansas.

Just a week after break, the project is nearing completion.

Students in the housing class and geometry class brought the idea to their teachers to see if it was a possibility.

The two teachers agreed it was a good project and they reached out to the Reverend Dr. Charles Coleman on the Jonesboro Public School board to see if he could help.

Coleman's missionary group came in several days each week to work with the students on the house.

Students were able to use their math and design skills to build the shelter.

Coleman hopes the students can learn the importance of giving back through this project and realize they can make a difference in the community.

"We are doing something good for the homeless and that is probably what we need to be about and for them to come up with that idea," Coleman said. "We got people with money who won't do anything for the homeless."

The students have enjoyed the project because they get the opportunity to get outside the classroom and give back to those in need.

"It's really fun. It gives us something to do other than sitting in class all day, and we are helping somebody," student Kaitlyn Simpkins said.

"It's good to be doing something good for someone else," Jacobi Fulks said.

The shelter is small but will have electricity and a generator to keep people inside warm.

Home Depot and Ridout donated all the building materials as well.

The school hopes to have the house built by Friday.

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