Churches take safety precaution

Churches take safety precaution

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Churches in Region 8 have taken safety precautions to prevent any attack.

Easter Sunday an armed man came into Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis during a service.

The man was armed with a handgun and assault rifle.

An off-duty cop at the church was able to apprehend the suspect before anyone was injured.

Some churches say incidents like this and the South Carolina shootings are happening too often so they are taking precaution.

Community Fellowship Church here in Jonesboro already has several safety measures in place to keep the congregation safe.

Back in 2009, Roy "Ray" Anthony stabbed a church secretary at St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Before the stabbing, a janitor ran Anthony out of the Community Fellowship Church (CFC) as well.

CFC said after this incident, they started taking precautions and just a few years ago, they implemented a security team.

The team is made up of volunteers from the congregation.

Chuck Noles heads the security team at CFC and said the main goal is to keep everyone safe.

Noles said the location of CFC could potentially make them a target.

"Where our church sits somebody can come in here and go behind us in a residential area, go to the mall or they can hit one of the major highways out here and be gone," said Noles.

The CFC security team helps patrol several areas of the church and some are even certified to conceal carry.

The team also received active shooter training classes.

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