Mayor hopes for highway expansion

Highway 69 expansion raises concerns
Highway 69 expansion (Source: KAIT)
Highway 69 expansion (Source: KAIT)
Highway 69 expansion (Source: KAIT)
Highway 69 expansion (Source: KAIT)

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department included a major project in Trumann to their five-year State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).

Mayor Barbara Lewallen says she hopes funding will allow widening along Highway 69 running through town.

Highway 69 runs from I-555 to Highway 463 in Trumann.

That is included in the 2016-2020 STIP plan for a major widening project.

The road hardly has a shoulder and has deep ditches along the side.

Lewallen says she is concerned about the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

"It becomes rather dangerous," Lewallen said. "We've had some fatalities with pedestrian or bicycle traffic."

Lewallen says the city was slated in 2008 for the project but funding did not allow it.

"We're just hoping we are on that priority list this time," said Lewallen.

Dr. Norette Norwood, whose veterinarian office sits right on the edge of the highway, says she is worried she will have to make many changes.

"It would either cause me to have to relocate or revamp the way people come into my clinic," Norwood said.

Lewallen says she does not know if the highway will gain one or two lanes, however, she says it will benefit commuters over all.

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