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Stop the Bleeding Kits
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 doctor is working to make sure all first responders have the right tools to help save lives.

Dr. Spencer Guinn created the Stop the Bleeding Foundation to provide medical kits to police, firefighters and emergency rescue teams.

The Rotary Club and St. Bernards Foundation Development donated enough money to purchase 60 kits and Guinn is applying for a grant to match that number.

The foundation still has a lot of work because according to Guinn they need 2,000 kits in total for all first responders.

Guinn said the reason these kits are so vital is because they contain medical equipment to help stop bleeding.

"The main cause we have of preventable deaths is hemorrhage or bleeding to death and what we have found from Iraq and Afghanistan is that if you train people every day, regular people to treat active bleeding then you can save lives," Guinn said.

Guinn said the foundation's main goal is to train responders on how to handle these situations and give them the kits to help.

"First responders historically have not been associated with medical care outside of EMS," Guinn said.

The training is a several hours and is offered to first responders who come onto tragic scenes.

"We have a class designed to learn sort of the basics. We teach them how to put on a tourniquet, put on pressure dressing and how to do some basic airways without going into the advanced course," Guinn said.

Guinn said in situations where someone is injured and needs medicals attention time is crucial.

The training and kits are meant to decrease the time gap between an accident and medical attention.

The Stop the Bleeding Foundation will give kits to first responders within the north central and northeastern parts of Arkansas.

"Since we are geographically located sort of on the border between the north central trauma area and the northeast trauma, we are going to train all first responders in both of those zones," Guinn said.

Guinn said these kits have already proven to save lives.

"In Craighead County alone we have six incidents in the past year where we believe that the use of this equipment has saved someone's life or at least made a significant difference in their survival," Guinn said.

The overall goal for Guinn is to have first responders to carry these kits on duty and in their personal vehicles.

He said the more people we have trained in medical care, the more lives that will be saved.

Guinn is also offering a condensed version of the class for citizens who want the training as well.

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