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Jonesboro, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

Pope John Paul II Remembered

April 3, 2005--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO-- Catholic tradition is being honored today as the church begins nine days mourning the loss of Pope John Paul II, but one region 8 church says his loss is also a celebration of his life "after" death.

With each chime, a prayer was heard this morning as the catholic church mourned the loss of Pope John Paul II.

Father Mark Wood of Blessed Sacrament says, "There's a mixture.We're sad. It's like losing a family member, but we're also happy he can rest in peace now."

He was the most traveled Pope in history spreading the message of God to the world.

And although he'll be missed, this region 8 church says another Pope will continue his mission.

"We want a man of prayer. A man of faith who really believes in god, because to take of the task of being pope is such a great challenge. It obviously has to be someone of great faith," Wood says.

The new Pope should be much like John Paul II, he says, getting involved in politics, speaking the truth, and spreading his great faith and conviction with the world.

"Especially with Pope John Paul, he sort of set the standard, the pope is very much a world figure, a leader, and whoever is pope has to be ready," Wood says.

Over 100 cardinals will vote for a new pope.

When a pope is finally chosen, the final word comes from the chimney in St. Peter's Square.

"They mix straw in with the ballots and then the smoke comes out sort of black," Wood says.

And when the decision is made, Father Wood hopes the new pope will display just as much strength as the last.

"Everyone has there own gifts and this pope obviously had his gifts and strengths but we know that the next pope will have his strengths too," Wood says.

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