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Jonesboro--Craig Rickert Reports

Latest Business Headlines In NEABT

  "We have eight or nine banks here, compeition is good. "

  Good for everyone, if we were to finish the phrase of Larry Worsham of Regions Bbank.

   Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas are a hot-bed for banking. That's why Northeast Arkansas Business Today has made banking it's cover story this week.

   "Overall, times are good." Says Worsham.

   That's the view from his second floor office at the Regions Bank building. A what about that? with the new Liberty Bank and American State Bank in the same neighborhood, is there a little "keeping up with the Jones'" going on?   Worsham admits, a little bit. But overall he beleives it shows prosperity and compeitition.

   "Jonesboro is the most competitive area that regions deals in and we're in 15 states. That speaks well. It's good for the consumer."

   The pages of NEABT have the numbers to back that up with several pages allocated to the banking industry in NEA. There's also retail news, new tools in Blytheville, another place to get a cup a joe and good grant news for ASU.

    If you are interested in getting a subscription to NEABT, you may contact the offices of NEABT at 935-6923.

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