Cone, Vaught to fill future vacancies in AGFC administration

Cone, Vaught to fill future vacancies in AGFC administration

LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) - The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has announced Caroline Cone and Mark Vaught to move into key roles in the AGFC administration upon the retirement of AGFC Director Mike Knoedl, July 1.

Cone will assume the role of AGFC Chief of Staff once current Chief of Staff Jeff Crow begins his duties as AGFC Director. Mark Vaught will assume Cone's current position as assistant deputy director at that time.

Crow said the announcement is being made now to keep operations running smoothly throughout the agency.

"When the Commission chose to announce my promotion to director, they provided me the wonderful opportunity to begin the transition and removed uncertainty about the future leadership of the agency," Crow said. "I have decided to follow that wise example by announcing these soon-to-be-vacant positions as well."

As Chief of Staff, Cone will work with three assistant deputy directors to oversee all aspects of the AGFC's day-to-day operations. "Caroline has demonstrated remarkable leadership and professionalism in each role she has served since her arrival at AGFC," Crow said. "I am confident that she will continue to excel in this new position and that her dedication and strong leadership will enhance my effectiveness as the new director."

Vaught will take on Cone's current role as one of three assistant deputy directors. He will oversee the Budget, Fiscal, Information Technology and Operations divisions within the agency.

"Mark has exceeded all expectations during his time with the agency as well," Crow said. "In addition to his extraordinary professionalism, technical knowledge and management abilities, he has shown the ability to work with all agency staff to provide exceptional support and guidance. His abilities in Information Technology have allowed us to explore new options and prepare us for business in the future like never before. I have no doubt this will continue throughout all divisions he will lead beginning in July."