Neighbors help family whose apartment flooded

Apartment Flooded
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Residents of a Jonesboro apartment complex helped their neighbors whose apartment began to flood Wednesday night.

Eula Cheney and her family were going to bed when they saw their apartment starting to flood.

She said they grabbed her great-granddaughter and the family's pets before they got out.

Their neighbors then decided to help the family out. They rented a motel room for them so they could stay dry.

Cheney said this act was a big help after they were caught off guard by the flooding.

"We just kept thanking him because we couldn't have done that for them because we didn't have the money to do that," Cheney said. "Plus they gave us food to eat and so we were very very thankful for our neighbors."

The family said everyone did everything they could to help.

Cheney said their landlord also offered to get them a room, but their neighbors had already helped.

The family spent the day Thursday working to salvage what they can and clean the apartment.

Cheney said most of their things were ruined.

The neighbors of Cheney's family said there was no question of whether they should help or not.

They said they hope someone would do the same for them if they were in need.

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