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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - APRIL 12 UPDATE: Atlas Asphalt added asphalt to the section of Lawson Road where box culverts were added.

Crews had the area closed until noon on Tuesday.

APRIL 5 UPDATE: According to Jonesboro Police and Fire Dispatch, Lawson Road has been reopened. Traffic can resume as normal in the area.


APRIL 4 UPDATE: Monday, crews worked on continuing efforts to close the hole in Lawson Road, which was washed out after rain left a gaping hole in the road because of flooding.

According to the Jonesboro Street Department, they put in a concrete box and are in the processing of covering it.

They expect the road to be back open Tuesday night around 5:00.


Crews were out on Lawson Road in Jonesboro all day Friday working to fix the washout that occurred from Wednesday night's rain.

Steve Tippitt, the road superintendent said the day was all about preparing the hole for concrete boxes.

He said the boxes will help with the water from about 200 acres that flow through the area.

Tippitt said this solution should prevent something like this from happening again.

He said even on Friday the water was still something they were having to work around.

"We have continuous water flow that's running through these woods and we're having to divert it to the side to where we can actually get the bottom built for the boxes that we're going to be putting in," Tippitt said. "We're assuming it's going to take all day to get this bottom set up. Hopefully we'll get it for today. If we don't get finished with it today we'll be out here tomorrow getting ready for Monday."

Tippitt said they were scheduled to start placing the boxes by Monday morning.

As crews worked to fix the problem, the Valley View School District had to adapt to the unexpected change on Lawson.

Stan Salmons, the school's transportation director, said Lawson Road is a very important road for them and students.

He said they were forced to change all the bus routes for the east side until the problem was fixed.

Even with the changes, there are still some students they are unable to get to with the buses.

"We've got about 3 children we cannot pick up and drop off because of the road," Salmons said. "The parents have been really nice. They've been really patient, they understand that's quite a hole there to run off in and they understand the impact of it. They've been very cooperative with us."

Salmons said the new routes added about 15 minutes to their morning and afternoon schedules.

He said they will keep the changes until the washout on Lawson is fixed.

Tippitt asked for patience from those who live around the washout as they work to make the road safe once again.

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