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Marmaduke 10 years after deadly tornado

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Ten years ago Saturday, April 2, the Marmaduke community had a devastating experience as a massive tornado tore through the area leaving much of the city in shambles.

Today, even though the community looks different, they say they are stronger and closer.

“It just lifted everything in the yard. Everything was gone, everything you just saw going,” said Glenda Hampton, who was a tornado victim.

April 2, 2006, is a date that many in Marmaduke will remember for a lifetime.

“We made it to the Highway 149, and crossed that and we landed in the ditch on the other side and let it blow over us at that time,” said Nikki Robinson, another tornado victim.

“Well, it was scary because when it hit, I heard that my mother had been hit and I tell you what, I ran fast to get to them,” said Sarah Leane Parrish as she recounted her experience during the storm.

That was the day an F-3 tornado ripped the town to shreds, injuring at least 50 people, destroying as many as 200 homes and leaving at least 750 people without housing.

“It was a two story house,” said Robinson. “The top floor was completely gone, the only thing left on it was the toilet from the bathroom. I think the top floor saved the bottom floor but it was a total loss and so was my sister’s and my parents’.”

Ten years later, the community has improved greatly as many houses, apartments, and stores have been built along with shelters in preparation for future storms.

As the city continues to rebuild, they grow stronger and closer together while remembering where they came from and where they're going.

“God can take something so awful that you experience and turn it around into a spiritual marker that makes it into something that's brand new,” said Robinson.

“God has been good with us and good to us and he's helped everybody," said Narine Ransom, another tornado victim. “We've come back better.”

“This community is a survivor, we can survive but we needed everybody's help, and this community just gives here,” said Hampton. “We're all family.”

While no one in Marmaduke died in the April 2 tornado, two people in Braggadocio did die when the tornado crossed into Missouri. In total, 28 people died in that day's tornado outbreak.

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