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Mules leave something behind on downtown sidewalks

(Source: Main Street Paragould Facebook) (Source: Main Street Paragould Facebook)
(Source: Main Street Paragould Facebook) (Source: Main Street Paragould Facebook)
(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT) (Source: KAIT)

A Facebook post has caught the attention of many after mules left behind something in downtown Paragould.

Main Street Paragould Director Gina Jarrett said a board member sent her pictures of mule waste on the sidewalk this weekend.

Jarrett decided to post the pictures on Facebook to remind people to pick up after animals who visit downtown.

Jarrett said the city and businesses have worked very hard to make Main Street beautiful.

She said the post is to encourage people to keep downtown that way.

“If you are walking your dog or riding your horse or mule downtown then be prepared to pick up. We would like downtown to be attractive and hygienic to all of our visitors,” Jarrett said.

Several people commented on the post saying they enjoy seeing the mules downtown and do not see a problem.

Jarrett said she has no issue with the mules or any four-legged friend being in the area. In fact, she said they are welcome, but owners need to clean up after them.

“People commented on the Facebook post that horses eat grass and it biodegrades, but it also attracts flies. If you are going into one of our restaurants and you track it in on your shoes then that is not setting the cleanest example for other patrons downtown,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett suggests animal owners carry a bag for cleanup and for larger animals, she said they should be tied up further from the sidewalks.

“We have a grassy area right behind Skinny J’s, so tie them up there because I know for larger animals it is difficult to put them in a poop bag, but at least it will be in a place where foot traffic is not in it and people are not walking through it,” Jarrett said.

The owner of the mules in the picture, Max Bishop, told Region 8 News the post was unnecessary.

He said he brings riders from all over the United States to ride in Paragould as well as shop and eat downtown.

Bishop said he wishes Main Street had contacted him personally if there was an issue instead of posting publicly on Facebook.

He said he did not know the mules left any waste downtown and he would have cleaned it up if he had known. 

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