First responders trained to use specialized first aid kit

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Active shooters, car accidents, natural disasters, those are just a few things that can cause major damage and hurt a large number of people.

A Region 8 doctor is making it his mission to train as many people as he can in reacting to emergencies.

Thanks to a grant from the Jonesboro Rotary Club, Jonesboro University Rotary Club, and St. Bernards Development Foundation, Dr. Spencer Guinn, orthopedic surgeon, is helping better train those who run toward an emergency.

Those funds were put to use on Tuesday. Members of the police department, fire department, and first responders trained at the Arkansas Fire Academy to use a specialized first aid kit.

"Everybody that receives this kit are not only carrying it while they are working, but we are asking them to carry it off duty," Dr. Guinn said. "We call it force multipliers, and I even want them to have it if they are on vacation with their families."

Dr. Guinn said that way they can narrow the time gap between the emergency and the time treatment is given.

"About 60% of people who die unnecessarily, or we call preventable death, they did it because they bled to death of a wound from their arm or their leg, and an appropriately placed tourniquet can stop that bleeding and increase survivability of those wounds in combat right now somewhere north of 99%," Dr. Guinn said.

The goal is to train 2,000 first responders with the first aid kits. Dr. Guinn said they have enough money from the grant to give out 60 kits.

If you would like more information on the training, including a condensed civilian training workshop, or to help further their goal contact Dr. Guinn at

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