Thousands Of Dollars Stolen, and Victims Were Only Yards Away

April 04, 2005 -- posted at 8:15 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- "I was just in shock. I just couldn't believe it in the middle of the day in a crowded park," said victim, Stephanie Maloney.
"I thought, 'oh no my purse,' but you know, you do that all of the time," said another victim, Shelia Bruff.

In broad daylight on Sunday afternoon, while moms and dads were watching their kids play soccer in the field just over my shoulder, someone else was watching their cars.

"So I just left my purse in the passenger side floorboards--and I guess within 50 minutes,  my windows were busted out and my purse was gone," said Bruff.

"The whole purse--cash, credit cards, checkbooks," said Maloney.

Several cars vandalized in less than an hour at Joe Mack Campbell Park --  and no one seems to have seen or heard anything--not even the shattering car windows.

"A criminal can walk down by a car, glance down through the window and see those things there, and if they see it and they want it, they are going to grab it," said Sergeant Steve McDaniel.

Sgt. McDaniel says take away the opportunity for lurking criminals to take advantage of you.

"If you do have to carry those things, and you don't want to take them in the store or in a sporting place at least lock them in your trunk--if you don't have a trunk, hide them the best you can," said Sgt. McDaniel.

Unfortunately, these ladies learned the hard way, but they say they won't make the same mistake twice.