Teen reportedly stole bicycle at gunpoint

Bike Stolen at Gunpoint

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Police arrested a 15-year-old Jonesboro boy after they say he stole a younger child's bicycle at gunpoint.

The suspect, whose name was not released due to his age, is charged with robbery.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon in 3400-block of Sun Avenue, according to the initial police report.

One of the young victims said she and her brother were playing in a field near their apartment when she saw the suspect riding their pink dirt bike.

When she asked him to give it back, she said the suspect got off and pushed it toward her, striking her in the face and shoulder.

As the girl was running to tell her mother, she told police she looked back and saw the suspect point a gun at her 5-year-old brother before he rode off on the bike.

The mother asked to remain anonymous but said what her daughter told her was shocking.

"I couldn't believe it you know that he would even take her bike knowing that he didn't pay for it or anything like that," the mother said. "He should of just left them alone and went on about his business."

While officers were speaking with the victims' mother, who reported the alleged theft, another officer reported seeing the bicycle being ridden by a male matching the suspect's description.

Officers went to the suspect's home and asked him about the bike.

According to the incident report, the boy told officers it was in a shed but denied having a gun.

The suspect reportedly consented to a search. Police did not find a weapon on him.

After recovering the bicycle and returning it to the victims, police arrested the suspect and took him to the Craighead County Juvenile Detention Center.

Brandis Warren, a neighbor, said the news of the theft did not surprise her.

She said the neighborhood has become worse over the years and people know to keep their things inside.

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