Puppy thrown from moving vehicle into water-filled ditch

Dog survives being thrown from car
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OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - A puppy is recovering after being thrown from a moving vehicle into a ditch full of water.

According to Osceola Animal Shelter Officer Paula Edwards, someone called her to help save the puppy.

A couple was driving down Ermen Lane in Osceola when they saw something fly out of a car ahead of them.

The couple stopped to see what was thrown and it was a crate with an 8-week-old puppy inside.

Not only was the puppy frightened and soaking wet, she was sick.

"She was full of parasites, she had coccidia and had the mange," Edwards said. "But now the puppy is doing great."

Edwards said the incident happened just after a heavy storm.

"It happened right after all of the rain, so the ditch was full of water, so the crate was full of water," Edwards said. "The puppy probably would have drowned."

The couple called Edwards for help and she took the puppy to the shelter.

"If it wasn't for them, the puppy would not be here today," Edwards said.

After two weeks of treatment the puppy is finally getting back to her playful self.

"When she first got here she was really sick, but now she plays and is just a playful puppy," Edwards said.

Edwards said the sad fact is things like this happen way too often.

"This is not the first time something like this has happened," Edwards said. "We have had it happen before and sometimes it does not turn out as good as this one."

She said it was a miracle the couple saw the puppy when they did and got her help.

Edwards said they were her guardian angels that day.

"It is rare that we get a puppy that survives what this little puppy has gone through," Edwards said. "I mean you can imagine the impact of being thrown out of a car into water and already being sick."

Unfortunately, the couple could not get a license plate or description of the car because it was too far ahead of them.

The puppy will be up for adoption in two weeks after some more treatment.

Edwards said anyone looking to adopt her or the other dogs and cats in the shelter can visit the shelter or call at 870-622-0739.

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