A Better Region 8: Road Rage - Is it worth it?

A Better Region 8: Road Rage - Is it worth it?

The recent possible road rage murder of retired New Orleans Saint Will Smith is a tragedy that should get the attention of every driver in America.  Road rage happens everywhere, even here in Region 8.

Recently, while driving with my family, I accidentally cut off a carload of people. Unfortunately, their reaction is becoming the new normal.

They made sure to clearly express their anger by using hand gestures and yelling. I must admit that my reply wasn't the appropriate one.

You see, that's the problem.

We, as a society, are too focused on not letting anyone get ahead of us. Someone accidentally cuts us off or pulls a bonehead move in traffic and now it's war.

The next time someone does something aggravating in traffic, remember that the roadways are not a court of law and we shouldn't play judge, jury and, in some tragic cases, the executioner.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Will Smith's family, including his wife and three children. The investigation is in its early stages and there are more questions than answers.

But the message is clear to me, and I hope it's clear to you: When someone makes us mad in traffic, take a breath and ask "Is making this person pay for their traffic mistake really worth it?

Is my life worth it?

Driving safely, realizing that people make mistakes, and making sure our anger is in check can save a life and that makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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