City Buildings Safe According to City Officials

April 5, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--City officials say city workers and citizens should not worry, saying city buildings are safe.  Officials were responding to concerns by several city workers about their work environments.  City officials say these concerns are nothing new, the only change being city officials are paying closer attention to the needs of their employees.


The main concerns were over the stability of the Justice Complex’s foundation.  Those working at the courthouse and home of the Jonesboro Police Department say the buildings own wait has caused bulges and breaks in parts of the building.  They are concerned this may show the building is unsafe.  City code enforcement says they have looked at the problems and are confident the building is safe.


Other concerns mainly involved Jonesboro Fire Department Number 2.  The fire station is nearly half a century old and officers have complained of mold causing allergic reactions in the building.  City officials say they have conducted their own mold searches in the building and have not found any “bad” mold in the building.


Even though the city has conducted their own research on these complaints they say they have hired a third party to ensure everything is safe.  Ron Shipley says inspections on city buildings by this third party could begin as soon as next week.