JPD: Man says he is homeless then tries to snatch a purse

Walgreen's Purse Snatching
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man claiming to be homeless tried to snatch a woman's purse through her car window.

According to a Jonesboro police report, the victim was parked in the Walgreens parking lot at the corner of Highland and Southwest Drive.

The suspect came up to the car on a bicycle around 11:30 Wednesday night.

Police say the victim rolled her window down only a few inches to see what the man needed.

The suspect said he was recently kicked out by his parents and was now homeless.

He told the victim he needed money for food and a ride to the homeless shelter.

The victim said she would call the suspect a cab and buy him food.

The suspect then said someone got him food at McDonald's so he was no longer hungry.

He also said a cab would not let him put his bike in the car.

The suspect then reached his hand in the car and tried to pull out a drawstring bag but it was too big to fit through the window.

The suspect took off on the bicycle.

According to the report, this was one of several complaints about the suspect riding around on a bike trying to get money from people in the area.

Region 8 News went back to the area to see what women thought about the incident.

Laura Sentell said it is sad the suspect would steal from someone who is trying to help.

"It is really pitiful that someone is actually going around and asking for help and then robbing or harming and or hurting them it is sad to say, it is not surprising though," Sentell said.

She said the worst part is women have to be careful in certain situations.

"It is already hard enough as a woman to be in a position to help people because we are females and it is dangerous to stop and help anyone you don't know. A male can overpower you or put you in a position that can endanger you or the people you are with," Sentell said.

Sentell said sometimes things like this keep women from helping as much as they would like.

"Women always have to be careful whatever they do especially when they are by themselves. Sometimes it keeps us from helping in certain situations just so we can protect ourselves," Sentell said.

Other women said they will be more vigilant especially until police catch the suspect.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

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