New effort cleans up old fishing line

New effort cleans up old fishing line

HEBER SPRINGS (AGFC) – The Little Red River Foundation and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission have kicked off a program to capture and recycle used fishing line on and around the Little Red River.

Special bins will be placed at 12 public access sites, boat ramps and commercial boat docks along the Little Red River to hold monofilament and other fishing lines that can be recycled.

Improperly discarded fishing line not only is an inconvenience for anglers, it is a real danger to fish, birds and other wildlife that can easily get tangled and die.

"It's just one of those senseless things that can get in the way of a great outing on the water," said Tom Bly, district fisheries supervisor for the AGFC's Mayflower Office. "It's just as easy to put it in a bag and discard it properly as it is to toss it overboard. We hope having these bins out there shows anglers just how serious we are about discarding your used line properly."

Local students, LRRF members and AGFC officials will place recapture bins at all approved sites in the next few weeks. Members of the LRRF will gather the used fishing line on a regular basis and send it to monofilament line manufacturer Berkeley for recycling.

"The used line recapture and recycle project is our newly formed Foundation's first public effort to protect and preserve the river. We are excited to work with the AGFC and Corps of Engineers on it," said Foundation Chair Allen Gordon. "Keeping fish, birds and other wildlife from getting entangled in discarded line is one of a number of initiatives the LRRF will take on."

Lowell Myers, a LRRF board member and local fishing guide knows the impact of litter like fishing line firsthand.

"As someone who is on the river almost daily, I've witnessed the damage and destruction improperly disposed line can do," said Myer. "It kills fish and wildlife, tangles boat motors and pollutes the river. I am excited LRRF has chosen to focus on this clean up and recycling effort. It is good for fishing and good for the environment."

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