Trout-fishing seminars scheduled

Trout-fishing seminars scheduled

HEBER SPRINGS (AGFC) – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will host free fishing seminars at the William Carl Garner Visitor Center in Heber Springs from April to June, to teach new anglers how to chase trout in the Arkansas's famous trout tailwaters.

Three seminars are scheduled – a beginning trout course, a beginning fly-fishing course and an intermediate trout course.

Seminar host, Bo Davidson with the AGFC's Aquatic Resources Education Program, said the courses are designed to build upon each other, with each offering a new aspect of trout and trout angling.

"If a person doesn't have any trout fishing experience, I'd definitely suggest they go to the beginner class before they try to take one of the others," Davidson said.

Each course is one to two hours in a classroom setting.

"The beginning fly-fishing course will also include casting instructions," Davdison said. "Learning to casting a fly rod is probably the number one reason fly-fishing intimidates people, but it's actually pretty easy to get started."

Davidson said he's done some seminars at the visitor center before, and plans to increase opportunities to partner with facilities like these to hold classes and workshops that will educate anglers.

"The ARE program is probably most well known for our travelling aquariums that you see at fairs and community events, but we're really trying to increase our ability to recruit new anglers as well as teach them about the aquatic world," Davidson said.

Seminars are scheduled at the following times:

• Beginning Trout Fishing, 10 a.m., April 30

• Beginning Fly-Fishing, 10 a.m., May 28

• Intermediate Trout Fishing, 10 a.m., June 18

All seminars will be held at the William Carl Garner Visitor Center, 700 Heber Springs Road North in Heber Springs. Call 501-362-9067 to register.