Community Responds to Supreme Court Visit

April 7, 2005--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO-- Students crowded into the Fowler Center today to visit Arkansas' highest court, and they say it was a learning experience they'll never forget.
ASU students looked on as the Arkansas Supreme Court made history in Jonesboro.
Student Jeremy Unger says, "It was just a wonderful opportunity. A great historical event here in Jonesboro. Being a political science major, this is sort of the last stop in politics so it is interesting to see it work sometimes."
For those with law interest, it was an opportunity to meet and greet the best in the business.
Student Rebecca Phillips says, " I'm hoping to be able to go to law school after I finish here at Arkansas State so it was a wonderful opportunity for me to come out and watch the Supreme Court."
Student Yalanda Young says, "They were very gracious to come to Jonesboro and come out of their way from Little Rock and come here."
Chief Supreme Court Justice Jim Hannah says it's a welcomed change from the Little Rock routine.
"It was an honor for us to get out of the capital city and hold court here so people can see us," Judge Hannah says.

And as a grandfather of nine, it was also an honor for him to educate a different type of audience.

He visited Valley View Intermediate School today where he conducted less detailed conversation, but he received a steady response.
5th grader Christian Williams says, "I was excited about it, you know, to meet the chief of supreme court justices. It's a big deal. He's one of the most powerful judges in Arkansas."
And it looks like he explained his job very well.
5th grader Branston Roads says, "It's very important. You have to make very important decisions. I think he's a very brilliant man. I think he is fit for the job."