A Walking Miracle

Blake Culbreath, his wife Jana and his mom Dailene played very important roles in this year's Relay for Life. Blake and Jana helped make and set out the luminaries while Dailene held the banner and led the walk. She was given the honor after surviving cancer five times. Dailene says, "I went from 1984 to 1995 when Ii had my breast cancer, since then I've had lung cancer and brain cancer twice, right now I'm in remission."
   Blake says, "The doctors told her several years ago that she wouldn't be alive today, but she's done some miracles. She's had some experimental surgerys that's kept her going."  Dailene has been in remission for 18 months, but Blake says his family has been there before. "I remember getting phone calls at work, you know mom's got cancer again and just break down and cry cause you just feel like its the last time. You know, cancer is a very deadly disease like everybody knows, and we were just scared to death that this was going to be it, and it just touches us real hard. Its real hard on all of us."
   However, each time a new cancer was found, the Culbreath's found strength in the power of prayer. "Each time that I was diagnosed with a new cancer or with the first breast cancer, my family would all get together, and my friends from work and we would all come to my house and have special prayer, all the churches, the church that we went to would start a prayer line."
    Blake says, "We've had actually people praying from Dallas, Texas to Chicago, Illinois. Churches, 30 to 40 churches at one time that she's been on their prayer list, and I truely believe thats whats kept her going."  Through it all Dailene rarely missed work. Since she works for an oncologist, she would just take her treatment and get right back to work. Dailene says afterall, her work and her health are both gifts from God. "I just feel like God helps. I feel like that he gives us doctors to treat us , but I think he's the one that actually heals us.))