Easy Steps To Gun Safety

April 07, 2005 Posted at 9:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- "One thing to remember--if you have got kids in the home, or you are going to have kids in the home, or you are trying to teach a young kid about firearms, is always make sure they are taught safety. It's also important to always have adult supervision at all times," said Keith Rook, from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Here are some other safety tips-- don't keep a loaded firearm in the house especially within a child's reach.

Store the ammunition in a separate place from where you keep your guns--to make sure children don't get a hold on either one.

Always use locks for the guns--they are easy to find, and easy to use.

There are numerous types of gun locks.

"They have trigger locks that actually keeps the gun from firing, and most guns have an internal lock that come with a key. You have to turn the key to disable the gun.

It's an easy way to save someone's life.