GW Communications opens up in Paragould

New jobs for GW Communications
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The public was invited to come out to a celebration in Paragould on Thursday.

GW Communications made an official announcement about their new location on Linwood Drive.

Mayor Mike Gaskill said it's thrilling anytime jobs are created.

"Anytime we create jobs in Paragould it's exciting," Gaskill said. "Of course a technology job too is awfully exciting because of the generation that's coming up. By creating these jobs it gives us opportunities to continue to grow our community. And to grow our community there's only two ways you can go, you've either got to go forward or if you stop you're going to go backwards. So, as jobs continue to be created we continue to move forward and it makes a big difference in this city."

Mayor Gaskill wasn't the only person excited.

Executive Director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission Mike Preston said Thursday's event at the GW location was very important.

"It's a good opportunity for Paragould," Preston said. "It's a good opportunity for Greene County and really for this entire region. Anytime that we can have a job announcement like this for a company that's a first ever presence in Arkansas is a win for everyone. Especially, jobs like this."

Operations Manager Scott Watson said their new location is the result of a long ago conversation.

"Through previous relationships from years ago there was an engineer that knew of our Paragould work force and the quality of the workforce here in Northeast Arkansas," Watson said. "Conversations started and here we are today with fourteen people working here and probably going to add more very soon."

Preston said they started working on April 4 and since then have been steadily adding positions.

"Everything was ready due to the technological age we work in," Watson said.  "Computers were shipped in and set up and we were ready to go on the fourth of April and we've been adding people since then."

Preston said another great fact about the GW Communications location are all the local jobs.

"One thing I can say about GW Communications is they didn't move people in here," Watson said. "They came in, did the interviews and we have 100% local workforce here in Paragould."

Mayor Gaskill said when a business moves in like this it secures the futures of Paragould's youngest citizens.

"One of the things that's important is that when our children graduate from high school or if they go to college that they'll have the ability to get a job here in Paragould," Gaskill said. "If they want to go somewhere else that's one thing, but for us to continue to create jobs or for jobs to continue to be created in this community then the kids that are in school or college can stay here."

Preston said news like this has a domino effect that won't end with GW Communications, but continue.

"This company has chosen Paragould to locate," Preston said. "People ask 'What is it about Paragould that's special?' 'Why did they come here?' Then, all of a sudden, you have another company that is looking at the area. Obviously they have a talented workforce and they saw something in it. So, the next company is going to call and say we're interested in this too."

Watson said they plan to have 28 employees working at the Paragould location.

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