A Better Region 8: Pay close attention when voting on the property code

A Better Region 8: Pay close attention when voting on the property code

From the very beginning, the idea of the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code stirred strong emotions on both sides.

The landlords expressed concern over government overreach, the right of entry, fines and claims that it will cost them more money and could make rent more expensive.

The renters say the new code protects them from slumlords.

This Tuesday [May 10] is decision day. The voters get to decide whether to keep the code or repeal it. It is unusual for a property code to make it to a public vote, but this one is so controversial that letting the public decide is a good thing.

But when you get in the voting booth, I think you will see an example of politics... being politics.

The ballot is written in such a way that it looks like "no" means "yes" and "yes" means "no."

The property code is actually currently in place. That means Tuesday's vote isn't whether or not we like the property code.  It's actually a "FOR" or "AGAINST" vote to REPEAL the Jonesboro property maintenance code.

So if you don't want the code, vote "For," the repeal.

If you do want the code to stay on the books and be enforced, vote "Against," meaning you're against the repeal.

All I can say is pay close attention to the wording when you're in the voting booth.  If you haven't voted yet I encourage you to dig into this yourself and remember there is hype on both sides of this issue.

Being educated on what the new property code really means, making your voice heard in the voting booth and not believing the hype from either side will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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