Invitation for Car Theft?

April 10, 2005--Posted at 10:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--Five cars ... Five robberies .... Last week at Joe Mack Campbell Park in Jonesboro a handful of soccer moms had to mix post game ... With police reports.

The one thing they all had in common? All their valuables were left in plain view.

Those victims have learned their lesson .... But others are still taking chances.

We met up with a few girls today that had some pretty interesting observations on why cars get broken into.

Francis Hollis says, "They leave stuff so everybody can see it. Sometimes they're just asking for people to break into their cars."
That's great advice, but I wonder why she left her shopping bags in plain view?
"That's the first time I've ever left a bag in my front seat like that," Hollis says.
Sure. They all have their excuses...
"I wouldn't like it because you've spent money on stuff and somebody else just comes and takes it for free," Mallory Wright says.
Hey mallory, isn't this your Gameboy in your mom's back seat?
People will leave anything in their cars...
"I leave luggage, groceries, keys...'keys, to your car?!' Only if I'm going inside for a short time.'You drive a convertible right?' uh...," Steve Shannon says.
Uh, that would be a yes. Probably not a good idea Steve.
Then there are those who leave everything from shopping bags to computers and don't forget clothing.

Everything from shirts to shoes... and how about those who camouflage their valuables?

"I try not to worry about it a lot you know if I'm running into the gym and I don't want to take my purse in. I cover it up with a sweatshirt."
Think your safe at church? Obviously, I spotted this purse in the floorboard, and someone left their doors unlocked.
Is that a golf bag in the back seat?
Whatever you're toting, take some advice from this victim of car theft...
Paige Ellis says, "Watch where you park, don't leave stuff so they can see stuff in your car that they might want, and lock your doors for sure."