A Better Region 8: 'We The People'

A Better Region 8: 'We The People'

Our country is great because of three simple words: "WE THE PEOPLE". This week, the people of Jonesboro spoke up loud and clear.

They repealed the property maintenance code in a special election.

Last December, when the city council approved the code, many people were NOT happy.  And they made sure their opinion was known.

In an unprecedented move, the property maintenance code was put to a public vote.  The repeal passed 66% to 34%.

This overwhelming defeat means the Jonesboro Property Maintenance Code is gone. So, what happens now?

The original code that's been in place for many years should still be enforced.  But, I don't think the issue of a property maintenance code is finished yet.

Mayor Harold Perrin said:  "We will go back and take the notes that we have taken at every one of those meetings and come back and see what is wrong, I think a lot of that code was large, some of it was ambiguous and we will take all those comments from the public hearings."

We need an updated property maintenance code, that much is very clear.

But now we have a unique opportunity. Opinions from all sides can be voiced, heard and considered from the very beginning. All of us can share equal responsibility moving forward.

That includes the mayor, the city council, and the citizens of Jonesboro.

It comes down to unity. It comes down to compromise. But, most importantly, it comes down to the action of all of us... WE THE PEOPLE.

Making your voice heard, a city administration that listens, and all of us working together, will make this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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