A Better Region 8: Stopping attacks on how people look

A Better Region 8: Stopping attacks on how people look

"You need to do something with your makeup."

"You need to talk to your ladies about their hair."

"She doesn't need to be wearing that dress."

These are some of the emails we've received here at KAIT addressing our female anchors' on-air looks and appearances.

These are the 'nice' ones.

As you can probably guess, some of the other comments get vulgar, mean, and are obviously meant to attack our hardworking journalists personally. It gets tough for our news anchors and on-air teammates because they are in the public eye.

But, thanks to social media and today's technology, our children are just as much a target for attacks on the way they look.  We look further into this issue. Monday on Region 8 News at 10 as we highlight how young girls hear these same kinds of comments through social media, texts, and right to their faces.

These rude, personal attacks are being directed at kids at a younger and younger age.  And it's not stopping, it's only getting worse.

Our upcoming story highlights what three girls—ages 11, 15 and 17—endure on a daily basis. The fear of being attacked plays a role in deciding what clothes they decide to wear, how their makeup looks, even how they wear their hair.

Listen to those ages again...11, 15, and 17.  As a parent, it's a story you need to watch.

You think you know, but what we learned is no matter how close you are with your kids, there are things they're being subjected to that you may not know.

As a father I found this story eye opening, sad, infuriating and wanting to do something to help.

So I invite you to watch for the sake of your children.  We ALL need to address it.

Body shaming is not okay.

It will never be okay.

It does real damage to kids.

Tackling this issue head-on, stopping this destructive process and making sure our kids know they are beautiful no matter what - makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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