A Better Region 8: Giving kids a gun safety 'test'

A Better Region 8: Giving kids a gun safety 'test'

It's shocking footage.  A toddler holding a gun aimed at Region 8 News Anchor Craig Rickert.

Unfortunately, the news department has done too many stories about kids getting hold of guns and tragedy happening.

The question is: if your child found a gun would they know to tell someone?

Would they know not to point it at anyone or play with it?

As parents, we think we know, but do we really?

In a Region 8 hidden camera investigation, Craig Rickert put Region 8 kids to the test.  In his report that airs Thursday night at 10:00, you'll see how children, ages two and a half to eight years old, from right here in Region 8, react when they find a gun in a play area.

So why did we do this story?  We want to spark conversation between adults and children.

If you secure your weapons... thank you.

But think about what happens if your children go to a friend's house where weapons may not be secured properly and suddenly your kids are exposed... and you're not there to tell them what to do.

This story is a must watch, and we aimed at making sure the conversation is happening between children and adults.

Talking things through, having an open dialogue, and knowing how to teach our children to respect a gun's power - makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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