1800's Exploration at Crowley's Ridge State Park

April 12, 2005--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CDT
GREENE COUNTY-- It was a flashback to the 1800's today at Crowley's Ridge State Park, and several region eight schools gathered to explore history.
Park Interpreter Becky Low says, "We have a french explorer, an aristocratic wife to another explorer and then we have an early pioneer woman and also a civil war character as well."
Students from across Greene County took a journey back in time.
Pioneers from the 1800's taught them how to work, dress and even stay warm.
In no time, the kids had the pioneer lifestyle all figured out.

"They didn't have refrigerators back then and now we do. People wear little leather on their feet or moccasins, yeah," a student says.

But then there was this aristocratic wife who threw them for a loop.

"She's like a pioneer I think. She talks real funny and all," a student says.

"We usually just like use hula hoops and spin em' around our waist, and I've never done that before, hit it with a stick and stuff. That's just weird," a student says.

"They were quite loud and they yell and all, some of them even in a close environment," a pioneer character says.

But at least they went home with a piece of history.
The 1800's exploration will continue through tomorrow. The event is for but not limited to Northeast Arkansas' 5th graders.
For more information call 870- 573-6751.