Residents take steps to get flood insurance

No Flood Insurance
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Craighead County has requested the governor to declare a disaster in wake of Tuesday night's flooding.

Many homeowners have lost everything and were out cleaning Thursday.

Those who didn't see as much damage are now taking steps to make sure they are covered.

Toby Selby, owner of Selby Insurance, said surprisingly he told me that several in our community just recently found out that they do not have flood insurance.

According Selby, he started receiving calls and messages during the time the flooding began from people who were concerned if whether or not they were covered.

Selby said what people need to understand is that even if you have homeowners, renters, or commercial insurance that does not mean you have flood insurance.

He said making sure you have flood insurance is very critical because you never know what will happen.

"Get the information on it," said Selby. "Even if you don't live in a high risk flood zone. I think we all learned this week that it doesn't really matter where you live, if it rains like this again, all of us will be affected by it."

Selby said the only option as far as being covered for flood damage is if this area was declared a disaster, people would have a chance to get in a loan program with FEMA.

He also said that if you are planning to add flood insurance to your policy, it has to be enforced for 30 days before it can take effect.

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