Young boy gets wish to go on Disney cruise

Young boy gets wish to go on Disney cruise
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Make-A-Wish in Jonesboro granted a young boy's wish to go on a Disney cruise.

Shawn Sheppard has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or CDH.

CDH is a condition that happens to 1 in 500 babies every year.

Children with CDH are either born with a hole in their diaphragm or no diaphragm at all.

In Shawn's case he does not have a diaphragm, which has cause multiple problems throughout his whole childhood.

"It did not form at all for him and it let all his tummy organs go up into the chest cavity and that pushes the heart over and doesn't allow for the lungs to grow," Shawn's mother Mary Sheppard said.

Shawn's parents Mary and Shawn Sheppard said their son has not had a normal life.

"We have spent many nights at the hospital at his bedside," Shawn said.

Shawn's condition had kept their family constantly moving from hospital to hospital.

"One day we are back down in Memphis living again," Mary said.

When they are not in the hospital Shawn's parents say he is mostly inside.

"Most the time he has to stay in the house in a bubble and away from people and it is hard to interact with people," Shawn said.

They have to make sure Shawn is careful on who he interacts with so he does not get any sicker.

"Daily colds they are nothing to us but for him it is a life threatening event," Mary said.

Shawn's two older siblings also help look over their younger brother.

"When we are sleeping his sister will come in and wake us up saying 'hey you all bubba isn't doing good, help'," Mary said.

Shawn and Mary said they try to make life as normal as possible for their son and two other children.

"We try to make life as normal as possible for him because you know you have to make it as normal as possible," Mary said.

They want Shawn to enjoy life as much as possible because he still is a lively young kid.

"He is as active as any kid but there are days that you can't move him and then you know something is wrong," Shawn said.

His parents said this trip from Make-A-Wish is a huge blessing to the whole family.

"Just getting to go and have a little bit of fun so maybe that will help him to forget all the problems he does have," Mary said.

Shawn not only got a cruise with his family, but he also got a luggage bag full of Mickey apparel and toys.

"It is amazing. We will go to Mickey's private island so we will have time to spend with each other and that is very amazing," Shawn said.

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