Family tired of home getting destroyed by flood waters

Family tired of home getting destroyed by flood waters
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many families have been displaced due to the flooding caused by Tuesday night's torrential rain.

Over the past 5 years a family living in a home at 609 Bridger Road has fallen victim to flooding at least six times.

The last time was March 30 when flood waters completely destroyed the home.

Because of the amount of damages left behind, the family now has to find a way to rebuild again.

Cendy Johnson is the daughter of the homeowner and she said she is flabbergasted.

"I know what this house meant to my mom and dad and I watched the water take it away," said Johnson. "It's priceless."

James Marlon Cambron, the homeowner, said he is tired of this happening.

"It's emotional to see your picture albums, CD's, movies of your brothers and sisters...It's hard to throw that in the trash."

Ten family members including seven children between the ages of 8 years and 4 months live inside the home.

They were just finishing the final repairs from the last flood damage that happened weeks ago.

Trevis Thomas was at the home when the flooding began and he said it all happened so fast.

"Ditches coming up an hour later," said Thomas. "It was bone dry before that. Then not long after that I was carrying kids out of the house and after that I was catching stuff floating down the road."

A $150,000 home is devalued to what Cambron said is now worth only $60,000.

After the death of his wife two years ago, and now with severe ulcerated sores on both legs, Cambron is facing amputation.

He and his family's burden seems to only get bigger.

"It's heartbreaking," said Mendy Thomas, another daughter of the homeowner. "It honestly puts a lump in your throat and you don't know really where to go."

Now the family is doing all they can to keep a positive attitude.

"If you got family that sticks with you, you'll get through it," said Amber Warren, resident of the home and mother of the children.

"One day at a time, we'll get back to where we're supposed to be," said Cendy Johnson. "You know all we can do is open the door and fill the home back with love."

Cambron said he believes that because the city continues to sign permits for new businesses and because those businesses are blocking or hindering the drainage system, it is causing a heavy flow of water to flood his home.

"Mayor, if this was your home, this wouldn't be happening," said Cambron. "You wouldn't let it happen, so don't let it happen to me, again and again."

Cambron has been paying out of pocket for repairs because he is still waiting on the checks that were supposed to be coming from FEMA for damage the last time it flooded.

Now, Cambron is now living in a camper that has been on his property since March.

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