Residents blame reconstruction of ditch for flooding

Why Homes Flood?
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For the second time this year, residents living on Prospect Road and Brittany Lane in Jonesboro have to rebuild their homes.

The last time a similar situation happened was March 30th and now, residents are blaming the reconstruction of a drainage ditch that is near their homes.

Furniture, clothes, and other household belongings were ruined from the nearly two feet of water that got inside the homes when the rain started Tuesday night.

Jason Gordon lives on Brittney Lane and he said thanks to the ditch that runs through Prospect Road, he and his family have lost nearly everything.

"Within 10 minutes of it starting to come out of the banks on the creek over there, drainage ditch, whatever it is, it was in the house," said Gordon.

Gordon also said even though it is stressful, he is thankful for the city getting involved.

"Please keep it up," said Gordon. "All of us have spent all of our savings on the last round and we need all the help we can get."

Shanette Samiuddin lives on Prospect Road and like Gordon, was also finishing up the final repairs from the last flood when all her memories were washed away again.

"We're just numb, you know, fix this," said Samiuddin. "We can't even live everyday lives. Our lives have been turned upside down for the second time in two months."

Samiuddin said she believes that because the city redid areas on Kathleen Street and because a lot has been built behind her home, the drainage cannot take everything that is coming in.

She said out of all her years of living there, she has seen flooding twice since the drainage ditch was straightened during those renovations also.

"Just get proper drainage and do something because we can't live like this," said Samiuddin. "We just simply can't."

With it being day four after the flood, residents are still being urged to report any flood damages that they have seen so the State can declare the area a disaster.

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