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Corning, AR--Bob Snell

Offbeat: HotWheels

April 17, 2005--Posted at 10:00 p.m. CDT

CORNING, AR--64 year old Paul Wade of Corning has nearly 25,000 tiny toy cars.  He's been collecting them for more than 40 years, which means he started his collection in his 20's.  Collecting that many Hotwheels and Matchbox cars would be a challenge for anyone, but it's been a real challenge for Paul because he has cerebral palsey. 

Paul Wade was diagnosed with CP at age 3 and was brought to Clay Health Care in Corning back in 1941, when he was 20.   No one really knows when he got the first car, but he's been fascinated with them ever since.  In 1996 Martha Burke have him her son's collection of ten thousand cars and that jumped him up to 20,000 and he's collected another 4,000 since then.  He keeps a journal of when he gets a car, from where, and the running total.  As of this story Paul had 24,715 toy cars, trucks, space ships, planes and boats.

"He likes to get them out and look at them," says Beth Vinson, social and activities director at Clay Health Care.  "They're not displayed all the time. He's got special boxes he puts them in. He's in school for adult development and it helps him with counting and socialization. It keeps him involved with the community and with us."

Paul is also a multi-medalist in the Senior and Special Olympics in electric wheelchair racing.  Plus, Paul enjoys, fishing and collecting Christmas villages too.  If you'd like to help Paul add to his toy car collection just drop by or mail him a car to: 

Paul Wade c/o Clay Health Care
806 West Walnut Street, Corning, AR 72422




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