Officials Aim High With Airport

April 14, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Lawrence Co, AR--Officials in Lawrence County are hopeful their plans for a new regional airport are about to take off.  The plans call for the current area airport located just north of Walnut Ridge to be converted into a state of the art complex.  The good news is the facilities runways are ready now.  Updates to the facility would focus on buildings, computers, and security.

The airport is not in bad shape right now.  There is tons of room and three runways running five thousand feet each.  One of the runways is approved to be expanded to seven thousand feet and a federal grant will pay for the improvement.  Area wise the airport has plenty of room for growth.

On Wednesday of this week seven counties came together to talk about the future of the airport.  Many have called the place a diamond in the rough.  Leaders seem to be optimistic that a plan can be put in place to fully recognize the potential of the airport.

During the meeting, officials designed a feasibility study to look at the airports potential.  Leaders say the initial study is just the beginning and should take about sixty days.  After the initial study then a plan may be put in place to try and gather the money needed to support and fund the airport’s growth.