Local store says customer support helped get them through flood damage

Kiddly Toes reopens
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 local business was unsure they would reopen after flood damage, but their customers helped them get through it.

Kiddly Toes on Highland Drive in Jonesboro had three to four inches of water flood the storm last Tuesday.

"It was the carpet, computer, some of our fixtures and we tried hard to get all the stock up off the floor but it was like stopping not quite a Tsunami but it felt like it," owner Phil Fletcher said.

Fletcher said with all the water he was not sure the store could reopen after so much damage.

"There came a point where we were like Kiddly Toes is finished, it is too big a job for us to recover from," Fletcher said.

However, once the store posted the damage on Facebook, their customers' encouraging words helped the owners and workers get through the mess.

"But with the hundreds of supportive comments following the post and then all the help from All Clean, Dedman's Sanitation and Hagg Brown, our landlord, we just had to keep going and we have four of five people who rely on us for income," Fletcher said. "The community really did inspire us to work hard and get back up,"

Fletcher said they were able to open the store back up after two days of being closed.

"We tore the carpet up and we were down for about two days and it is going to be quite a process to get back to be a nice operating children's boutique," Fletcher said.

He said he cannot thank everyone enough for their help physically getting the store cleaned out and emotionally as well.

"Local businesses have helped us by hauling away trash and that helped boost our spirits because in a situation like that it is not just the physical and the material affect, it is the emotional effect on you when after 10 years it looks like your business is going away," Fletcher said.

Fletcher and his employees said the whole incident helped them realize this local store is not only a business but a family.

"We are not just selling things but we really are involved with people. People like coming here and we had maybe three hundred posts," Fletcher said.  "It was really overwhelming and really turned us around emotionally and I think that was one of the biggest impacts."

Fletcher said the store is open right now but they are still doing work.

He said this incident has given them the opportunity to fix the store and make it even better than before.

"We are going to try and take this opportunity to rejuvenate the store," Fletcher said. "We don't just want to be back to where we were but we want to be prettier and better and make it exciting again."

Fletcher asks customers to be patient as they work to get the store completely back to new.

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