Trumann PD Notifies Community Of Sex Offenders In The Area

April 14, 2005 -- Posted at 10:30 p.m. CDT

Trumann, AR -- "I mean, I got to give credit where it is due. They actually stepped up first.  I'm glad that someone opened that door for us to step through cause we're ready to do it," said Trumann Police Chief Larry Blagg.

Seeing members of the Jonesboro Police Department notify the community of sex offenders motivated Trumann's Police Department to do the same.

"I mean it actually started the very next day after it aired with Jonesboro," said Blagg.

18 blocks and nearly one thousand people were notified of the 5 sex offenders in their area.

The level 3 sex offenders are Joseph Sheldon Heard, Edward Wayne Williams, Delbert Lynn Reeves, and Mark Allen Covey.

William Michael Gooch is a level 2 sex offender.

"It's a good thing that they come around and tell us so that we will be on the watch," said one resident.

"I think this is great because people can be aware. You don't have to condemn and judge people, but you can know, and have information that you can watch out for," said Donald Simpson.

Police handed out fliers for several hours.

For some, the news came as a surprise, and for others it was just a reminder of the past.

"What they are saying he had done, he spent 11 years in prison for. How I feel, I don't believe Wayne done that," said Williams' wife.

"The reason I have a level 3 offense right now is because I didn't have a way, or money to get down to Little Rock to get assessed. I was a level one. There is no risk, I don't have any risk. I just want to let people know that," said Joseph Heard.

For Chief Blagg and his officers, this is still a new process--but his goal is the same--protect each and every citizen in the city of Trumann.

"Treat these people like they are people. For the citizens, let them know that we're not out here trying to scare anybody. That's not what we're out here doing--let them know that we are here for them," said Blagg.

For more information on sex offenders who may live in your area go to .