AGFC meeting scheduled for trout management on Little Red River

AGFC meeting scheduled for trout management on Little Red River

HEBER SPRINGS (AGFC) – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission hosted a special public workshop on June 7 at the Heber Springs Community Center to review and revise the Greers Ferry Tailwater Trout Management Program.

The current trout management program for the 30-mile trout fishery on the Little Red River below Greers Ferry Dam was developed 10 years ago. Management actions outlined in the plan were implemented, and the AGFC is trying to determine if these strategies have worked and whether public expectations of the fishery have changed.

"As part of our continued effort to keep the public involved, we want to give concerned anglers and stakeholders the opportunity to give input on the direction of the fishery," said Christy Graham, trout management supervisor. "We want to make sure this fishery is the best it can be and meets the expectations of our anglers."

The public meeting is the first step of the revision, which is scheduled to occur every five years.

Progress of the tailwater's management plan revision will be posted at throughout the process.

For more information, please contact Christy Graham or Kyle Swallow (Trout Management Program) at 877-425-7577 or Tom Bly (District 10 Fisheries) at 877-470-3309.