Update: Sincup pleads not guilty

Woman accused of stabbing victim 16 times
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BUTLER COUNTY, MO (KAIT) - June 9 UPDATE: Jessica Sincup pleaded not guilty Thursday in court.

9:07 p.m. UPDATE:  Butler County Investigator Wesley Popp worked the case and said the love lives of Jessica Sincup and Lindsay Fears may have been what led to the incident Monday afternoon.

"We believe it might have been over jealousy," Popp said. "Jessica is Michael's wife and believe that that's what the cause of it was. That maybe there was some extra, an affair going on."

He said the Missouri Water Patrol located the knife used in the stabbing not too far from the bank where it took place.

Popp said their investigation is still not over.

He said they will be working a few more days to follow up on the investigation.

3:38 p.m. UPDATE: Butler County sheriff's deputies arrested Jessica Sincup after they say she admitted to stabbing another woman 16 times and dumping her body beside a river.

On Monday deputies received a call of a woman lying in the middle of County Road 606 about a quarter mile south of B Street, Sheriff Mark Dobbs said.

Deputies spoke with Dawn Sincup who directed officers to a levee where her son, Michael Sincup, reportedly found the victim.

Dobbs said investigators found the victim, later identified as Lindsay Fears, on the river bank next to the water.

She had "multiple deep lacerations on her upper/lower torso, neck, and back," Dobbs stated.

Paramedics reportedly counted "16 deep wounds" on Fears' body, who was flown to a trauma center in St. Louis.

Michael Sincup told officers he found Fears while looking for a "good place to fish." He claimed he heard the victim calling for help.

Sincup told deputies Fears had told him she was jumped by two black males while she was walking down the street.

When asked why he did not have any fishing equipment with him, Sincup reportedly told deputies he liked to fish at night.

During their investigation, deputies went to Dawn Sincup's home on Highway B where a witness reportedly said Jessica Sincup, Michael's wife, had said she was "going to pick up her friend to go swimming."

The witness told investigators Jessica Sincup left the residence alone.

A short time later the witness, along with Dawn and Michael Sincup, drove to a friend's house near the river.

While there, the witness said Jessica Sincup drove up and got out of her car.

He stated that Jessica Sincup was alone and "soaking wet," Dobbs said. The witness said Jessica Sincup stated that she had stabbed a girl and "dropped the knife in the water."

She then took the witness, along with Dawn and Michael Sincup, to the levee. While the witness waited in the car, he said Jessica Sincup showed Fears' body to the two others.

The witness said Dawn Sincup took Jessica to a friend's house on B Street "so she would not be there when the cops arrived."

Deputies went to the home where Fears was staying and spoke with the homeowner who reportedly said Jessica Sincup had come to the residence around 1 p.m. Monday and took Fears to go swimming.

When confronted with the information investigators had uncovered, Dobbs said Michael Sincup admitted his wife, Jessica, had stated she had stabbed Fears.

Michael Sincup reportedly told detectives his wife showed him and his mother where she had left Fears on the river.

Deputies arrested Jessica Sincup and took her to the Butler County Jail where she is being held in lieu of a $500,000 cash-only bond.

An arrest has been made in connection to a woman being stabbed multiple times in Butler County Monday.

According to Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs, a young woman was stabbed more than a dozen times around 2:15 p.m. Monday.

Dobbs said there is at least one person in custody for this crime now.

We expect to learn more information about the stabbing within the next hour.

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